Date: 30 May 2022

Amsterdam North through the eyes of a realtor

All necessary information about buying a house in Amsterdam Noord

Amsterdam Noord. You have everything there. From a variety of restaurants, the NDSM terrain that regularly serves as a festival site, the A'dam tower or an organic market on the buikslotermeerplein. And if you want to go to the centre quickly, you can get to the other side of the city with the North-South line. Flats and houses are being built at a rapid pace, hotspots keep coming up and the neighbourhood is being refurbished. Is it time for you to buy a house in Amsterdam Noord?

An overgrown village...

This is how our neighbourhood specialist and estate agent in Amsterdam Noord, Kaylee, describes the neighbourhood. "People still say good morning to each other here. You don't see that very often in other neighbourhoods in Amsterdam anymore." The perfect mix of young and old, race of Amsterdammer and expat and a nice mix of different cultures. As a real estate agent in Amsterdam North, she really enjoys her work. Although she also sees that buying a house in Amsterdam Noord is not for everyone anymore. 

House prices also rise in Amsterdam North

The fact that the neighbourhood is so complete has not gone unnoticed. Whereas in 2022, roughly 4,500 per square metre was still being paid, this rose to 6,051 in Q1 2022. An increase of 34% in less than two years. The average transaction price is also rising. On average, a house in Amsterdam North is sold for 520,901. However, house prices are not rising in line with the average square metre price. What is also striking is the average overbidding in North compared to the rest of Amsterdam. Here we see an average of 114.7% compared to 112.7%. 

Relatively small houses and/or flats...

A very large difference in price per square metre can be seen in the homes between 15m2 and 60m2. For a house between 15 and 40 square metres, the average price is €8.171 per square metre. For a house between 40 and 60 square metres, €7,425 is paid per square metre. As an estate agent in Amsterdam North, we notice the pressure on these houses. The many viewers are pushing up the price. On average, a house in Amsterdam Noord is for sale for only 31 days until it is sold. 

As specialists in Amsterdam North, we would like to help you buy or sell a home

Is this information of value to you? Then we recommend that you download our quarterly reports. This way you will be informed automatically every quarter through a unique report. Are you planning to sell your house in Amsterdam Noord? Or perhaps buying a house in Amsterdam Noord? Then our real estate agent in Amsterdam Noord Kaylee is ready for you!