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Proactive, data-driven and personal. The core values of Amsterdam at Home when it comes to selling a property. We take into account the increasing influx of expats and offer a national sales strategy as well as an international strategy to present your home to an even larger target group. To this effect we are affiliated with the UK's largest housing platform, Rightmove, and work closely with exclusive organisations such as Qualis..

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The 5 advantages of our unique proactie approach

1.Selling a property internationally with Rightmove

We work closely with Rightmove, the UK's largest online housing platform with 14 million visitors every month.


2. Unique insights thanks to our own data model

Our in-house developed data model provides us with insights into the most current developments in property prices in your area. With these figures, selling a property gets easier!

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3.Extensive database of potential buyers

We have a large database of interested parties whom we automatically inform by e-mail of your property, one day before it is published on Funda.


4. Extensive reach through social media

Our online marketing specialist develops a targeted campaign for your home that is seen by 5,000 to 10,000 people right in your target group.

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5. Selling a property in the top segment with Qualis

As a member of the exclusive sales organisation Qualis, we join forces with 55 brokers in the higher segment. This way, your property reaches the largest possible audience within the target group.

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