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Who better to tell about the experience of our services than our customers? Amsterdam at Home real estate agents has already assisted more than 500 clients in buying or selling a home. We are therefore very proud of our customer evaluation score of 9.8. Read more about this in our references.

Marvin van Dongen

Score: 10

Wouter, Anouk and their team assisted me in both the sale of two homes and the purchase of a new home, in the center of Amsterdam. At a time when the housing market was quite tense.

They really took care of everything from A to Z, did absolutely top-notch work, and helped me in the purchase of my and my children's dream home. These people don't just do their job, they make it personal. They look at people and make sure you find your happiness. They are critical, they understand their business, and they go the extra mile. You have real estate agents, and you have Amsterdam At Home. If you love Amsterdam, you choose this great team.

Shannah & Glenn

Score: 10

We had a very pleasant experience with At Home Makelaars. When we bought our new house, Danique helped us very much with placing an offer by sharing a lot of information about the house and the neighborhood. Nowadays it is so difficult to get in between the house craze, but we found our new dream house within 3 months. We really didn't expect that in this day and age. Through a contact of Danique we also did the valuation, the service and thinking along was really endless. In short: we highly recommend At Home. Toppers!

Marta & Sam

Score: 9,8

We were really happy with the help we received from Shanna, her professional approach, great knowledge of English language and understanding of other culture. Sometimes it felt like she was really busy and we did not receive enough attention but at the end, we have purchase beautiful house within the time frame that Shanna promised to us. She always made sure that she saw the house we liked with at least one of us and she gave us very good feedback on the asking price and the technical state of all the properties we wanted to bid on, she would not let us overbid too much. This was our first purchase and she made it almost stress-free, which is not that easy in the current market in Amsterdam. She has great knowledge of the real estate business and great enthusiasm. We couldn't have done it without her. Next to that, she also made sure that we got all the house and permits sorted afterwards, so I would definitely highly recommend her. The office is small but very open and helpful, we were really happy with the notary office recommendation and evaluation specialist, also recommended by Amsterdam at Home.

Milo Weijers

Score: 10

Danique has helped me enormously in finding a new flat in Amsterdam. There was time pressure behind my request and a fast and smooth communication was therefore an advantage, this is one hundred percent fulfilled. During the viewings, critical questions were asked and after each viewing the next steps were clearly discussed and she kept all her appointments. They even worked into the evening hours to be able to obtain the final flat, a topper! I would definitely recommend Amsterdam at Home brokers and especially Danique if you are still looking for a new place in Amsterdam.

Julian Forshaw

Score: 10

From the first contact with Amsterdam at home brokers I felt they were the company to sell my flat. Shanna Kroon's commitment was professional and friendly and her advice was down-to-earth and 'to the point'. Everything was arranged quickly and without unnecessary hassle and once online the flat looked very good. Great work. The flat was sold quickly. I have dealt with several estate agents in my life and Amsterdam at home are real diamonds.

Tom Adolfsen

Score: 10

Danique Helmer has helped me very much with the search for a house and the guiding of the buying process, gave good advice, was quickly accessible, was very professional, and had a lot of knowledge. Highly recommended.

Peter Sluijter

Score: 10

You feel that the sale of your house is in trusted hands. They more than live up to their promises. If you have any questions, you always get a quick and clear answer.

Martin Bezemer

Score: 10

I called to ask for advice on a real estate issue. Mr. Thöne told me about the market with integrity and pleasantness and analysed my problem flawlessly. The information Mr. Thöne provided was realistic, knowledgeable and reliable.

J. Hu

Score: 9,8

Fine office! Wouter is an enthusiastic and experienced agent with good advice. He comes into action at the right moments and is very involved during the process. Kaylee is also a great help (almost daily): super quick responses, good advice and clear communication. Top notch!


Score: 10

Very pleasant and welcome feeling during the intake. From that moment on, it was always easy to connect with the estate agents. Always up to date with the houses on offer. And incredibly helpful in planning viewings and going with them to the locations. Really know the tricks of the trade. Professional, enthusiastic and helpful. Shanna was able to arrange everything for me from A to Z and down to the last detail! Thank you so much!

Jaap Graber

Score: 8,8

Very good experience with Shanna Kroon, she was first the selling agent of the house we bought and then she sold our house, so we have experienced her in two ways, she has sensed and guided us in both processes exactly right, and made sure that everything went smoothly, precisely and professionally: we enjoyed doing the two exciting processes with her.

Nick D.

Score: 10

Very nice experience with sales agent Danique. She is professional and personal and it was a pleasure to work with her. Danique has always switched quickly when needed and was always easy to reach. Great result!

Josien Herder

Score: 9.9

Very pleasant. The consultation was good, agreements were clear and well kept. The knowledge to estimate how the house could be sold was very adequate. Also during the bidding they gave us competent advice. The photos, provided by Amsterdam at Home, were also very tasteful.


Score: 10

It is great that we were guided in such a personal, patient and expert way. Especially in this tense market, that is soothing and encouraging. We found it a very instructive and enjoyable process and, from the very beginning, we were confident that it would work out.

Madara Petersone

Score: 10

Amsterdam at Home Makelaars and Anouk helped me to find the dream house my 3 months old daughter and dog in less than a month, and for the price that was even slightly below my budget! At first I thought I can find a house myself, but during the process I realized that without Anouk's and her team's help it wouldn't work. The cooperation was amazing, they were so friendly, flexible, helping with many other things even beyond their services... and with any other selling agent i spoke they all knew Anouk and valued her very highly, Anouk has very good network and connections. At Home Makelaars even recommended me reconstruction company which I chose and had the best offer! My friend was searching for a house the same time like me and I could see that the support she got from her broker was like a night and day comparing with Anouk and her team. Highly recommended!

William van den Hoorn

Score: 9,7

Fine contact with the real estate agent (Danique). Pleasant introduction, good knowledge of the market and environment, fulfilled agreements. Approachable contact possible and kept a close eye on everything.


Score: 10

To find my first home, Amsterdam at Home helped me beyond all expectations. As a former layman in this field, the terminology, paperwork, searching and viewing homes, the enthusiasm and personal guidance was very valuable to me. Everything went smoothly. Sharp negotiations for a good price and also interest and support with questions even AFTER the key transfer 🙂 Thanks Wouter and Anouk!

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