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Engaging a real estate agent in Amsterdam is a wise choice when buying or selling a home. It involves a lot of paperwork and organization. We take your wishes regarding the purchase or sale into account. And we make this process run smoothly. With great enthusiasm, neighborhood specialization, a large network and the right knowledge of the Amsterdam housing market. We combine all this with a proactive attitude. This is how we ensure that we, as real estate agent in Amsterdam, realize the best price for you as buyer or seller.

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Will you be looking for a real estate agent in Amsterdam soon? Then Amsterdam at Home is the right choice for you. Our real estate agents take a proactive approach. This allows them to fall back on a large database of potential buyers, including those abroad. Expats occupy a large part of the Amsterdam housing market. That is why Rightmove, a large housing platform in the UK, is one of our partners. Furthermore, we put our Funda ads online in English and our website has both an English and Spanish version. That way we reach every target group with our properties. Finally, our real estate agents speak English fluently, which is definitely a plus when negotiating with potential buyers from abroad.

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Sell your property using our online strategy

When selling your home, you may rely on the multi-faceted online strategy of our real estate agent in Amsterdam. Our approach includes:

  • Ads on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn);
  • Email campaign to our database of over 10,000 home seekers in your segment;
  • Promotion through Google and affiliate network.
  • Additional advertising budget for Funda;
  • International presentation via Rightmove;

Our targeted campaigns appeal to a large, relevant audience. This is how we achieve maximum attention and results for your home.

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Purchasing a home? Meet our neighborhood specialists.

Each neighborhood in Amsterdam has its own unique characteristics. This also means that the home value of houses varies per neighborhood. Amsterdam at Home calculates your home value with a home value check by basing itself on the most recent housing market figures. Because our brokers are responsible for their own neighborhood, we can give you accurate advice. By relying on our own data model and an extensive network of appraisers and construction experts, our brokers know exactly what's going on in the market. So our real estate agent in Amsterdam is the first to know when a house is offered for sale. In addition, you can rely on a personal approach and short lines of communication. We do everything to make it a success.

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Neighbourhoods in Amsterdam

As an estate agent in Amsterdam, we are active in all neighbourhoods. From the centre to a house in Amsterdam North, we are the right choice as both a buying and selling agent. Every broker has its own neighbourhoods for which they are responsible. Our knowledge of the neighbourhoods, combined with our data, provides unique insights.

To the neighbourhoods

How our broker describes Amsterdam West...?

Amsterdam West is one of the youngest districts in Amsterdam. Officially, the city has only existed since 2010. This part of Amsterdam is especially attractive to starters. There is no lack of space and greenery in Amsterdam! This district is characterised by spacious neighbourhoods with lots of green. 

How our estate agent describes Amsterdam Houthavens...?

Houthaven is the new neighbourhood of Amsterdam. Once, it was one of the most important trading ports in the world. Later, it was transformed into a lively green island district. The diversity of buildings and users gives the Houthavens the character of a real Amsterdam neighbourhood.

How our estate agent describes Amsterdam Zuid-Oost...?

Amsterdam Zuid-Oost offers an exciting diversity of culture and food. The Johan Cruijff ArenA, Pathé ArenA cinema and major concert halls AFAS Live and Ziggo Dome are also located there. This bustling district has several highlights that you should not miss!

How our broker describes Amsterdam Zuid...?

The district of Zuid is characterised by its many sculptures. During the development, sculptors were closely involved in the project. They were mainly responsible for the public spaces in the district. Amsterdam Zuid is also the business centre of Amsterdam. This is thanks to the Zuidas, which is located in this district. There is also plenty of greenery to be found. Think of parks like the Vondelpark and the Amstelpark.

How our estate agent describes Amsterdam Oost...?

Amsterdam Oost has much to offer residents and visitors alike. There is no neighbourhood as diverse as Amsterdam Oost. The lively, multicultural neighbourhood is mainly known for its wide streets with 19th-century buildings, lots of green and many cultural attractions. Think of the lovely Oosterpark or the beautiful Tropenmuseum. There is entertainment for both young and old. You can walk, shop, play sports or go on a cultural discovery tour.

When you are in Amsterdam Oost, you have everything you need. For example, the varied shopping area of Oostpoort and Linnaeusstraat/Middenweg. Or the Dapperbuurt, the heart of this culturally diverse neighbourhood. Here you will find the famous Dapper Market. Fun fact, this market was put in the top ten best shopping streets in the world by National Geographic Traveler.

How our estate agent describes Amsterdam Noord...?

The district Amsterdam-Noord is separated from the rest of Amsterdam by the IJ river. A striking feature of Amsterdam North is the Overhoeks tower. An 80-metre high office building on the banks of the IJ. It was commissioned by Shell. Amsterdam Noord is also an important industrial area for petrochemicals and shipbuilding.

How our estate agent describes Amsterdam Oud-West...?

The neighbourhood Theaarsjes has grown enormously in popularity in recent years. Adjacent to Amsterdam Oud-West is the well-known Vondelpark. The many cafes and restaurants in the district also contribute to its rising popularity. Typical of this district are the beautiful porches that you find in the Helmersbuurt.

How our broker describes Amsterdam Centre...?

The centre of Amsterdam is characterised by its picturesque canals and beautiful Amsterdam houses. In the centre, you will find the Jordaan, Artis Zoo and many beautiful squares such as Waterlooplein, Dam Square and Rembrandt Square. The Kalverstraat, Leidsestraat and of course the nine streets make this part of Amsterdam perfect for a day of shopping. There are also many nice places to eat and drink. If you are fond of theatre and film, the centre of Amsterdam offers many possibilities in that area, such as Carré and the Stadsschouwburg. In short: the centre is full of atmosphere and we are happy to help you find your dream place here!

Unique data model from Amsterdam at Home

At Amsterdam at Home, our real estate agents in Amsterdam work using a data-driven approach. This allows us to give you a realistic picture of the housing market. After all, figures don't lie. We monitor the developments of house prices in your neighborhood in a quarterly report. This includes:

  • How much the average square meter price is;
  • How much you should pay on average for a home now;
  • The volume of transactions in the past quarter;
  • How much is overbid on average in Amsterdam.

We give you substantiated advice based on our proprietary data model. This ensures the best result for your home.
Proactive, data-driven and personal: these are the real estate agents of Amsterdam at Home. We make maximum use of our resources and expertise to ensure the best price for your home. Need to call on our knowledge of the Amsterdam housing market? Calculate the value of your home online or download the figures on your favorite neighborhood.

We give you substantiated advice based on our proprietary data model. This ensures the best result for your home. Proactive, data-driven and personal: these are the real estate agents of Amsterdam at Home. We make maximum use of our resources and expertise to ensure the best price for your home. Need to call on our knowledge of the Amsterdam housing market? Calculate the value of your home online or download the figures on your favorite neighborhood.

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Our office is located within walking distance of the Rijksmuseum.
We are located at Weteringschans 143, 1017 SE Amsterdam.
You can reach us by phone at 020 210 2466! Or you can email us
at [email protected]

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Most frequently asked questions to a real estate agent in Amsterdam

When exactly are you negotiating?

To be in negotiation with the selling party, they must respond to your offer by:
- Making a counteroffer to your offer
- Clearly stating that you are negotiating. When a real estate agent tells you that he must discuss the offer with the seller, you are not yet in negotiation.

Is it allowed for a sales agent to schedule multiple viewings when negotiations are taking place?

Sure, negotiating does not have to lead to selling. In order to sell the house, the seller may also negotiate with several parties. This must then be clearly stated by the estate agent to all parties involved. In addition, it is valuable for the selling party when they know how much interest there is in the property. As a potential buyer, you can then make an offer, but an estate agent is not obliged to negotiate. Only when the negotiations with the current potential buyer have ended can the estate agent proceed to negotiate with the next one. The estate agent is, however, not permitted to make any announcements regarding the level of the bids.

Should the seller sell the house to me when I offer the asking price?

No, the seller does not have to sell the house when someone offers the asking price. The asking price should be seen as an "invitation to make an offer". This means that if you offer the asking price, the buyer may or may not accept the offer.

How does a sale come about?

To proceed to purchase, the buyer and seller will need to agree on the most important matters. These matters include the price, delivery date, agreements on movable property and resolutive conditions. If the buyer and seller agree on all items, the notary will record the agreements in the purchase agreement. Termination conditions are a point of attention. These must be included in the negotiations if you also want them described in the purchase agreement. Dissolving conditions are not automatically included.
The additional agreements must also be approved by the buyer and seller in order to draw up the purchase agreement. When the buyer and seller have signed the purchase agreement in writing, the law still allows the buyer to reconsider. Within this legal cooling-off period, the buyer can abandon the purchase. Once the legal cooling-off period has expired, the purchase is final, with the exception of any resolutive conditions coming into effect. If conditions have been discussed and are met, the sale can be dissolved.

Can the asking price be increased at the time of negotiation?

Certainly, the asking price may be adjusted at any time. In addition, as a potential buyer, you can increase or decrease your offer at the time of the negotiation. As soon as the selling party makes a counter-offer, your previous offer expires and you can continue negotiating.

Is it allowed to change the system of negotiation when you are negotiating?

That is also permitted. When there are so many bids approaching or bidding the asking price, it is difficult for a seller to determine who can be considered the best buyer. On the advice of the estate agent, it can be decided to change the system of selling. For example, a choice can be made for a registration procedure. This gives all bidders an equal chance to make a bid.

With whom should the broker negotiate first?

This is determined by the seller together with the selling agent. There are therefore no rights granted to the first viewing or the first to make an offer.

Is it possible to ask advice from the selling estate agent?

No, that is not allowed. The selling estate agent is the representative of the selling party. When the selling broker would also give you advice, this would lead to a conflict of interest. If you want advice on buying a house, we recommend you use a buying agent.

An option, what does it mean?

An option can be used in two different ways:
- From a legal point of view, an option gives the possibility to conclude the purchase agreement by a unilateral declaration with another party. For example, it may give the buyer an additional week of reflection time. Such an option is often used while buying a new construction home.
- Often, the word option is often used incorrectly. Options are discussed by the selling broker when negotiating with the buyer. Consider the extra days reflection time before making an offer. For example, the buyer can gain additional insight into their financing. Options granted are discussed between the seller and broker before they are provided to the buyer. If another party applies to the broker, they will indicate that an option is present on the property.

What is an energy label and is it mandatory?

An energy label shows by means of classes (A++ to G) and different colours (Green to Red) how energy-efficient the property is in comparison to other properties of its kind. It is drawn up by a certified energy label advisor. An energy label is obligatory when selling a property (except for special cases).

Is the broker's commission included in the buyer's costs?

No, "buyer's cost" does not include the broker's commission. All costs that fall under "buyer's costs" are:
- Transfer tax
- Notary fees (such as for drawing up the deed of delivery and registering at the land register).
In addition to the above costs, there may also be costs associated with preparing and registering the mortgage deed. Did you also use a purchase broker? Then these costs are also yours. In most cases this will be settled afterwards during the final settlement. The selling broker's costs are borne by the selling party.

How does one determine the number of square metres of a dwelling?

Industry-wide, a number of measurement instructions have been agreed upon. NVM certified real estate agents are required to adhere to these instructions. What all is included when square footage is calculated?
- Living space (such as bedrooms, toilets, living rooms, hallway and meter cupboard)
- Indoor spaces (garage, loft ladder)
- External storage (detached garage / shed)
In addition, there are some points to which extra attention is paid. For example, the height must be at least 1.5m. In addition, the interior walls ARE measured, and the exterior walls are NOT. In addition, recesses of less than 0.5 m are not included in the calculation. There are many other rules that must be met. These can be found at www.nvm.nl