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Choosing the right estate agent

Buying or selling a home is an exciting process, which is why a sense of trust with your estate agent is very important.
We understand that choosing the right estate agent can be a difficult choice, which is why we are pleased to explain the characteristics of our proactive approach.

The 5 differences of our proactive approach

Meet our team

Finally, the feeling must be right, especially in the current Amsterdam housing market. So get to know our team!


Anouk Monk

[email protected]

Anouk Monnik; born in Amsterdam, a real professional and active in real estate for 15 years. Her greatest passion: making the customer happy! No effort is too much, so over the years she has managed to attract an ever-growing number of enthusiastic clients, who keep coming back to her.


Wouter Thöne

[email protected]

Enthusiastic estate agent with a great passion for his clients. Born and raised in Old South and still living there with great pleasure. "There is nothing nicer than to be a confidant, advisor and sounding board for the customer and to realise the optimal result for the sale or purchase of a house in a beautiful cooperation.


Danique Helmer

[email protected]

10 years ago, Danique lost her heart to the city of Amsterdam. By now, she knows every neighbourhood like the back of her hand and, after working in marketing, she has moved into the real estate business in Amsterdam. She sees the client as someone for whom she has genuine interest, with whom she feels completely involved. Every house has its own story and that needs to be told. She is only happy when people receive the keys with a big smile or hand them over to the new owner. Her work as a real estate agent is her hobby and you will notice that.


Kaylee Römer

[email protected]

Kaylee is not only a top handball player, she is also a real star in her profession at Amsterdam at Home. Five years ago she started working in the office of Amsterdam at Home and now she is working as a buying and selling agent. Kaylee always puts the client first, trusting and unburdening are her top priorities. She enjoys every story and tries to find the perfect buyer or house in no time.


Elsemieke Lauw

[email protected]

Elsemieke, together with Sarah and Ruby, is the heart of the office and therefore the business card of the company. This is often where the contact with the customer begins, who should feel like a king with us. With great enthusiasm she works together with the brokers to make sure that at the end of their trip the clients can look back on their cooperation with Amsterdam at Home with a satisfied feeling. Elsemieke loves her profession and our customers.


Sarah Teijsen

[email protected]

Sarah came to Amsterdam at Home after studying hotel and event management. Together with Elsemieke and Ruby, she works in the office with great enthusiasm and pleasure. Customer contact is Sarah's great passion, she is always ready to serve the customer! She is patient and determined to satisfy the customer!


Ruby van der Sluis

[email protected]

As a purebred Amsterdam woman, Ruby is straightforward and full of energy. Having grown up in a diverse city like Amsterdam, Ruby has gained a lot of knowledge about people. With a beaming smile, she and Elsemieke and Sarah speak to our customers clearly and enthusiastically. Ruby is a real people-person, and because she senses your wishes well, she is able to give each client the trajectory he or she deserves. At the moment Ruby works in the office, but she is working on her KRMT education so that she can start working as a real estate agent in Amsterdam soon.

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