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Are you planning to sell your home in Amsterdam and wondering what your house is worth? Or would you like to purchase a property in Amsterdam and are you curious about how much it will cost? Then fill in our handy online calculation tool. With this tool you can quickly calculate the value of every house. At least, if you have the right data. Our free home value calculator uses data within our database and the generally known sales prices of comparable homes. Our online appraisal report should therefore only be seen as an indicative estimate.

What data do I need to calculate my home value?

What you should have on hand for the online home value calculation is zip code, house number and approximate area of the home. With this information, our calculator can determine the average price per square foot in your neighborhood. This is done by looking at data from our database and recent sales prices of homes with similar specifications in your zip code area. The sales prices of these houses are then compared to the square footage. This gives us an average price per square foot in your neighborhood. This, combined with our data, forms the basis of estimating the value of your home.

Unique data reports

We distinguish ourselves as real estate agents in Amsterdam through our unique data reports of the Amsterdam housing market. As brokers, we meet several strict educational and quality requirements. The association of NVM brokers has about 4000 members. Also within this group of brokers we distinguish ourselves by our data-oriented approach. In addition, together with 54 other brokers, we are affiliated with Qualis. Based on our large database we can offer a very relevant online valuation. In addition to the valuation, we also share monthly figures from the Amsterdam housing market and subsequently a quarterly report of the housing market. Constantly, based on market research and a large network, we stay abreast of all developments in and around the Amsterdam housing market.

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Calculating the exact home value

Go through our step-by-step calculator to calculate the estimated value of your home. Remember that it is a data-based estimate. Calculating your actual home value requires an official appraisal including technical inspection. For this, we always engage a licensed appraiser. The latter will include in his report on the sales value of a home:

  • The state of the house
  • What neighborhood is the house in
  • The location of the house in relation to the sun
  • How energy efficient is the home

These are some features that cannot be assessed through an online form and thus where any online value check falls short. Our calculator gives a value based on data that is well close to the actual value.

Development of online strategy by our sales agents in Amsterdam

Need help getting a mortgage or selling your home?

After completing the online valuation, you will have an indication of what your home is worth. The next step is the search for your dream home. We can help you with that too. Have you found your dream home and do you know how much it is worth? Then you may have to change your mortgage. Here too, Amsterdam at Home has partners that we can put you in contact with for a free consultation.

For selling a home, we use a unique online strategy. Our approach includes

  • Ads on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn;
  • Database of +10,000 potential buyers whom we notify via automatic email that your home is for sale;
  • Promotion through Google and its affiliated channels.


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