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A modern real estate agent is not only strongly people-oriented, but also data-oriented. As the only real estate agent in Amsterdam, we produce our own data reports that give us unique insight into the developments of the housing market. By combining real-time data with many years of experience in Amsterdam, we believe we know everything about your neighborhood. We use this for buying your dream house or selling your current home.

This combined with our passion to help people makes us the best Realtor in Amsterdam. At least, that's what our clients think.


Do you want to receive a report of your neighbourhood?

Get the most important data from Amsterdam's million-dollar market in a conveniently-available quarterly report. What you can read in this report:

  • Average transaction prices (total and per sq. ft.);
    Price index relative to previous month/quarter/year;
  • Number of transactions;
    Average transaction relative to asking price.
  • Lead time;
    Average asking prices per m2.

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