Average prices Amsterdam
Date: 14 February 2022

Amsterdam overbids are soaring...

With Amsterdam Zuid in particular. Here you pay 11.9% more than the asking price!

Why is Amsterdam Zuid so immensely popular? On average, the asking price of a house is outbid by 11.9%. On an average house price of €1,350,000, that is quite an amount... Why is that? Is it because Amsterdam Zuid is a quiet and chic neighbourhood compared with the rest of Amsterdam, or is it because of the number of restaurants and cosy cafés on offer?

Old South, super expensive...

In 2008, this sentence was already in a hit by some students. And this sentence still applies. With the Vondelpark, the Cornelis Schuytstraat and the Museum Quarter with the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, it is a beautiful neighbourhood to live in. The appearance of Amsterdam South also makes it a popular neighbourhood to live in. The streets are spacious and there is a lot of green in the neighbourhood. And you certainly don't have that luxury in all of Amsterdam's neighbourhoods...

Popularity of Amsterdam Zuid visible in quarterly report

Our quarterly report also shows an upward trend in the price per square metre in Amsterdam Zuid. If the current trend in both willingness to outbid and house prices continues, the €10,000 mark will be reached by the end of September 2022. Currently, people are prepared to pay €9,486 per square metre in Amsterdam Zuid.

The average asking price

The average asking price at which a square metre is offered can be calculated by subtracting the percentage outbid from the price per square metre. The percentage by which the asking price is outbid has increased by half a percentage point to 11.8%. Doing some maths, we arrive at an average asking price of €8,485 per square metre. 

Besides an increase in the willingness to outbid, we also see an increase in the number of days that a house is for sale in Amsterdam Zuid. On average, a house in Zuid is for sale for 36 days before it is sold. By Amsterdam standards, this is relatively long, as the average for the whole of Amsterdam is 31 days.

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