Date: September 4, 2023

The Housing Market in Amsterdam North: an analysis of Q2 2023

As a real estate agent in Amsterdam north, we are aware that the housing market is driven by various factors such as interest rates, government policies and economic growth. Therefore, actively keeping up with the most current data is essential for any potential buyer or seller in this region. In this blog, we take you through recent developments in the housing market in Amsterdam North.

Key data housing market Amsterdam North

House prices per square meter

Although prices in Amsterdam North in Q2 of 2023 increased slightly to €5,775 per square meter compared to Q1 2023, this is still a noticeable decrease compared to the €6,456 in Q2 of 2022. By comparison, in Amsterdam outside the ring road, we see an increase from €7,936 in Q1 to €8,074 in Q2. This shows that while there may be local fluctuations, the overall trend for Amsterdam as a whole remains positive.


Average transaction prices

The prices at which homes actually change hands provide valuable insight into the true market value. In Amsterdam North, the average transaction price rose to €508,269 in Q2 of 2023, which is a significant improvement from €629,200 in Q2 of 2022. Outside the ring road, we saw an increase in the average transaction price to €666,440 in Q2 of 2023, underlining the strong market position of Amsterdam as a whole.

Housing transactions and overbidding rates

The number of housing transactions in Amsterdam North remained fairly stable, with 165 in Q2 compared to 162 in Q1. Moreover, the average bid in Q2 was 103% of the asking price. Tracking these trends is essential to understanding market dynamics and competition.

Factors affecting the housing market

When analyzing the data, we must also consider external factors that affect the Amsterdam housing market. Interest rates, government policies and economic growth are just some of the elements that can impact real estate prices and transactions in Amsterdam North.

Housing market forecast Amsterdam North Q3 2023

Based on current trends and datasets, it is safe to predict that Amsterdam North will maintain its position as an attractive and affordable alternative to other parts of the city. However, with percentages above 100% for housing bidding, it is clear that the demand for housing in this part of the city remains strong.

The Importance of housing market data

For those considering buying or selling a home in Amsterdam North, understanding the latest market data is not just a benefit, but a necessity. With the average price per square meter in Q2 2023 standing at €5,775, and the number of housing transactions for the same quarter at 165, we can observe a subtle stabilization in the market.

Quarterly report housing market Amsterdam North

At Amsterdam at Home, the real estate specialist in Amsterdam, we pair a proactive and personal approach with data-driven insights. With in-depth knowledge of each neighborhood and up-to-date market data, we ensure that you always stay one step ahead in the dynamic housing market.

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