Date: 5 August 2021

House price development Q2; How is the Amsterdam housing market developing?

The second quarter house price figures are out. Even before these were known, we actually already knew what to expect. You don't have to be an expert to conclude that house prices in the Netherlands have continued to rise recently. But what exactly was the development of house prices within the Amsterdam housing market in 2021 Q2?

House price development, are we seeing another rise?

Yes! In the Netherlands, owner-occupied dwellings were on average 12.9% more expensive in May than last year. This is a record increase since April 2001. Again a record, while the increase in the preceding months was already exceptional! 

What is the situation in Amsterdam? Looking at the whole of Amsterdam, square metre prices are 6.3% higher than a year ago. 


People are pushing, and this is resulting in higher and higher prices. We are seeing an increase in viewings and also unprecedented overbidding. Whereas the average transaction price in Amsterdam in Q1 was still €573,246, in Q2 it rose to €608,805.

More overbids in the Amsterdam housing market in Q2 2021

Like house prices, average outbids are rising. There was more outbidding in Q2 2021 than in Q1 2021. The average outbid in Amsterdam rose from 107.2% to 110.2%. An increase of no less than 3%! 

However, a difference can be seen between houses built before the war and post-war houses. The average square metre prices differ per construction period. The price for an existing house that was built before the war is a lot higher. 

In 2021 Q2, the price for a pre-war home in Amsterdam averaged € 719.846. The price for a post-war house in Q2 was on average € 488,374. 

The difference in overbidding on pre-war or post-war homes is nil. In 2021 Q2, it was 110.5% on pre-war homes compared to 110.1% on newer existing homes. 

The size of the house also plays a role. In Amsterdam as a whole, houses between 40 and 60 square metres are outbid the most, and houses of more than 100 square metres the least. 

From city to countryside

In general, prices in Amsterdam are still higher than in the rest of the Netherlands. You pay a higher square metre price in Amsterdam than elsewhere in the country. This has led to people putting their houses up for sale. 

We see people leaving Amsterdam because they are looking for a bigger space. That is cheaper elsewhere than in Amsterdam. The increase in working from home contributes to this. People now find it less of a problem to live further from work. 

To buy or not to sell a house now?

Contrary to many predictions, the corona crisis has not yet led to a housing crisis. The number of sales has even increased. In the Netherlands, we saw the number of sales rise by 4% (source: NVM). 

Within the Amsterdam housing market, the number of transactions declined slightly. In Amsterdam as a whole, 2,694 transactions took place in the first quarter of 2011, compared to 2,429 in the second quarter. 

Are you considering buying or selling your house?

Buying and/or selling a house is still possible. The number of homes sold is rising despite the effects of the corona crisis. And we are happy to help you with that. 

Our estate agents are ready to help you with your purchase or sale and to take the appropriate action. If you want to sell your property, we will find potential buyers for you. Do you want to buy a home? Then we will look for suitable homes together with you!

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