Amsterdam de baarsjes q3 2021
Date: 15 November 2021

Housing market De Baarsjes Q3 2021: De Baarsjes the most expensive neighbourhood of Amsterdam?

De Baarsjes will never become the most expensive neighbourhood of Amsterdam, but the square metre prices in De Baarsjes have risen over the past 12 months by 18% to € 8,050. The square metre prices are approaching those of Amsterdam Centre, where prices rose by "only" 9% to € 8,450.

The average transaction price varies greatly; € 868,000 in the Centre and "only" € 574,000 in De Baarsjes. The reason for this lies in the size of the house. An average house in the centre is over 100 m² compared to over 70 m² in De Baarsjes.

Housing becomes unaffordable within the ring road

De Baarsjes is now one of the more expensive neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. In Bos en Lommer, IJburg, Noord, Nieuw West and Zuid Oost, you can still buy a house for a relatively reasonable price, but many people find that too far from Dam Square. For people with an average income, buying a house within the Ring Road has become too expensive.

Shortage of housing supply

There are currently 1,500 houses and/or flats for sale in Amsterdam. The number of transactions in Q3 fell by 20% compared to last year. The market in De Baarsjes is also desperate for new supply. Many starters have always bought in De Baarsjes, but with an average transaction price of almost € 600,000, there is hardly any starter that can afford it.

Two solid jobs and a jubilant parents still enable many people to buy. Many people are looking for their next home and want to buy first and only then sell. Due to the reduced supply and the large number of seekers, the chance of success to buy is not too great.

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